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Mediamobile Italia provides the Hospitality branch with targeted Digital Signage Solutions to promote Company facilities and sales, improve customer experience and reduce communication costs.

The Hospitality organizations are facing a radical change: one the one hand, they are put through a growing competition primary due to the internet convenience but, on the other hand, they have great business opportunities with the growing traffic of individuals going from one place to another.

To scoop the competition and increase competiveness , Healthcare Organizations have to differentiate the consumer experience making them coming back more pleasantly. Hotel and Restaurant facilities can address it with one investment in the Mediamobile Italia Digital Signage Solution.

Mediamobile Italia provides the Hospitality branch with comprehensive and end-to-end Digital Signage Solutions for Digital Menus, LCD Panels and Multimedia Kiosks over the IP Network for creating, managing, scheduling and monitoring entertainment and information in large or small public areas in a very controlled way.

Hotel facilities, especially the large ones, can use Mediamobile Italia Digital Signage Solution as an effective wayfinding tools to provide the conference attendees with relevant information about directions, scheduled activity , conference speakers and as a marketing tools to enhance sales as promote companies facilities.

Healthcare Organizations can also use Mediamobile Italia Solution to speed check-in activity reducing time and resources spent and the employees workload, simply put Multimedia kiosks at reception displaying check-in instructions to speed the registration and admissions process.

With Mediamobile Digital Signage Solution for Hospitality, all these information are centrally managed thanks to ADSO™ the intuitive User-Interface and all relayed through a single database - making price adjustments really easy and allowing for constant and instant display updates simple by a mouse click.

Multi-tired and Scalable, Mediamobile Digital Solution for Hospitality branch is specifically designed for easy scale and expand the network of signs to provide the highest flexibility of control. Its architecture optimizes the data flow from centre to periphery and vice versa covering long distances.
ADSO™ Brochure

Download the ADSO™ brochure, the innovative Digital Signage Suite to easy manage, schedule and broadcast multimedia contents keep you in complete control of your network simply by a connected PC.
  Digital Signage Solution For Hospitality Brochure

Download the Digital Signage Solution for Hospitality Brochure, easy to expand and scale it provides you with the highest control of your network
ADSO™ è l’innovativa Suite di Digital Signage di Mediamobile Italia che consente alle imprese di incrementare i volumi di vendita, rafforzare la comunicazione aziendale e migliorare l’esperienza di acquisto del consumatore nel punto vendita.

Una Suite completa e di ultima generazione di facile utilizzo per creare,diffondere e monitorare contenuti multimediali di varia natura (.swf;.avi;.mpeg;.jpeg) su di una rete di player o altri dispositivi (chioschi, monitor pubblicitari, menù digitali). Ideale per applicazioni Indoor ed Outdoor, ADSO consente il completo controllo della rete di monitor a partire da una postazione remota.