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Mediamobile Italy plans and develops solutions for DigitalSignage, for corporate communication, to inform employees and promote corporate image among employees.

Internal communication is a tool that no company in this time of change can ignore.

Inform, educate and entertain staff in a targeted manner, in space and time shared, is requirement that great business can’t ignore. The business can have this thanks to Digital Signage.

Mediamobile Italia designs and develops turnkeys solutions of Digital Signage, that including software and hardware devices (kiosks, LCD screens and panels) to create, schedule and distribute multimedia content can reach employees.

With Digital Signage Solutions Mediamobile Italia, the information is centrally managed through an intuitive management console Adso ™ system and traced to a single database, making it quick and intuitive way to update the information displayed on the screens.

Scalable and multi-level, are specifically designed to easily expand the network of players connected to the network with the flexibility of controlling and reducing the flow of data from the center to the periphery and vice versa.

ADSO™ Brochure

Download the ADSO™ brochure, the innovative Digital Signage Suite to easy manage, schedule and broadcast multimedia contents keep you in complete control of your network simply by a connected PC.
  Digital Signage Solution For Corporate Communication Brochure

Download the Digital Signage Solution for Corporate Communication Brochure, easy to expand and scale it provides you with the highest control of your network
ADSO™ is the innovative suite of Digital Signage planned by Mediamobile Italia which allows to companies to increase sales volumes, enhancing business communication and improve the shopping experience for the consumer in the store.

A Complete suite easy to use, to create, distribute and monitor various kinds of multimedia content ( swf, avi, mpeg, jpeg) on a network player or other device (kiosks, monitors advertising, menu digital). Ideal for indoor and outdoor application, ADSO allows a complete control of the network of monitors from a remote location.