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In the late 1990s, the Healthcare industry (including doctors’ offices, specialists’ offices, hospitals, nursing homes, dental offices and similar) has seen radical changes.

First, was the subject of numerous mergers, unification and integrations, which have significantly reduced the number of the players in the sector. Howewer, have consistently seen an increase in size. Moreover, in a very recent time, for communicating with patients and visitors the healthcare industry has approached with the new technology, primary with Digital Signage due to the understanding of the benefits it has to offer to.

Installing Digital Signs network at the Healthcare Branch could provide benefits to both the patients and staff. People waiting at doctor’s office or hospital waiting room usually deal with anxiety while they are waiting for appointments or update on a loved person. Digital Signage could act as companion informing patients about new procedures or treatments helping them perceiving time goes down quickly.

Moreover, Digital Displays at hospital or large healthcare facilities could help patients to easily move along providing them with directions to wards, rooms and dwell areas. What’s more, combined with interactive self-service kiosk technology, Digital Signage technology can be used to automate the check-in process.

At least, Digital Signage is ex¬tremely helpful in medical centers, hospital and clinic’s operating room, where signage displays a continuously updated schedule match¬ing times with room numbers, patient names and surgeon names.

Mediamobile Italia provides the Healthcare Branch (including doctors’ offices, specialists’ offices, hospitals, nursing homes, dental offices and similar) with end-to-end Digital Signage Products and Solutions for ease create, broadcast, schedule and monitor multimedia contents on a players network.

ADSO™ is a comprehensive Digital Signage Suite that allows companies to increase sales, enhance corporate communication and improve the consumer experience. ADSO™ is easy to install, manage and use for delivery of high-quality live and off-line digital media contents in various formats to a variety of wireless and wired connected players and devices.

Mediamobile Italia S.p.A. provides the Healthcare branch with end-to-end Digital Signage Solutions for Digital Displays, LCD Panels and Multimedia Kiosks to easy create, deliver, schedule and monitor multimedia messages. Scalable and Expandable, it allows to scale the network of signs to exactly fit into both large and small environments.