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Banks, as the retail branch, have being gone through a great transition in the last two decades, in fact, they look so different today than just few years ago.

The great driver behind this change can be found to be a heightened understanding on the part of the consumer about the experience he is having when he does business. Consumer knows that is not product but the complete experience surround purchase what he is paying for.

This changing consumer behavior has made the banks more similar to the retail than ever. Due to the on-line and self-service options, visits to the banks are becoming less frequent than in the past: making those visits memorable is a critical key for the bank branch. Digital Signage at the banks could create a positive retail experience able to attract customers making them more predisposed to come back willingly.

Moreover, the bank branch is one of the most regulated sector of economy: a critical key to success becomes the employees training. A Digital Signage at bank institution could enhance the company communication especially for those having several branches and many have dozens or even hundreds spread across large geographic areas. Digital Signage could provide employees with the new markets regulation.

Simply putting Digital Display behind tellers, Banks and Financial Institution could improve their cross-selling activity generally performed by not always Training-skilled tellers.

At least, another benefit of using Digital Signage is commonly known as “Wait Warping” phenomenon: people feel time go by more quickly when they are busy. Digital Signs at dwell points can reduce the perceived waiting time while informing consumers about company products, services and facilities.

Mediamobile Italia provides the Financial institutions including banks, Assurances and credit union with end-to-end Digital Signage Tools and Solution for interactive Kiosk and LCD Panels and Screens to easy create and broadcast high quality messages on wide player network.

ADSO™ is a comprehensive Digital Signage Suite, easy to use, that allows companies to increase sales, enhance corporate communication and improve the consumer experience.
Solution for Financial Institutions

Mediamobile Italia provides the Bank branch with complete Digital Signage Solutions to improve cross-selling activity, improve training and create modern and welcoming environment.