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CTP – Compagnia Trasporti Pubblici is the Public Transport providing the urban and extra-urban traffic in the province of Naples and Caserta with an 113 buses fleet.

The corporate structure is made up of the head office holding more than 100 employees and three depots in Teverola, Arzano and Pozzuoli for the maintenance, depot, washing and fuel supply operations.

CTP is part of the Consorzio Unico Campania, the association gathering the major transport companies of Campania. In 2001 according to the Public Transport reform, CSTP has been converted into a public limited company and its property is now of the Province .
The Need
Being aware of the relevance acquired nowadays, in 2010 CTP launched a call for tenders for the design, installation and maintenance of a Corporate Communication Digital Signage Solution.

Particularly, CTP wanted a Digital Signage System able to make the society training, encouraging and communicating with its own employees through a central position.
The Solution
ADSO™, the innovative Digital Signage platform proposed by Mediamobile italia, has allowed the transport company to create, broadcast and schedule multimedia messages on the screen network into offices and depots.

Moreover, thanks to a wide range of in-built template and theme, CTP has been capable of easy creating and customizing messages to broadcast on screen specifying when, where and for how long a certain content has to be monitor.

Moreover, ADSO™ has allowed CTP to can reshape and redefine the company’s corporate culture showing employees corporate goals, possibly departmental goals and even workgroup goals.

At least, thanks to its own flexible and scalable architecture, ADSO™ makes CTP capable of expand the screens network at every moment to exactly fit into different communication needs.
  CTP – Consorzio Trasporti Pubblici
CTP relies on Mediamobile Italia Digital Signage Solutions to improve the internal corporate communication between the headquarter and depots and deliver targeted information and messages to its own employees
  ADSO™ Brochure
Download the ADSO™ brochure, the innovative Digital Signage Suite to easy manage, schedule and broadcast multimedia contents keep you in complete control of your network simply by a connected PC.
  Corporate Communication Solution Brochure
Download the Corporate Communication Brochure, fully scalable it is designed to easy expand the network of players enabling you to focusely communicate with your employees whatever they are in the world.