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CSTP – Azienda Mobilità Salerno is the greatest Transport Company in the zone of Salerno and one of the biggest in Campania. Actually,the company provides the urban transport service into Salerno city, Cava, Nocera, Pagani, Vallo della Lucania and the suburban/extra-urban transport service until the southern edges of Salerno.

CSTP is a part of the Consorzio Unico Campania, the association gathering the major transport companies of Campania. In 2001 according to the Public Transport reform, CSTP has been converted into a public limited company and its ownership has been shared between the local agencies.
The Need
Since 2000 CSTP got started with its interesting into ITS- Intelligent Transportation System- Technologies in order to raise the quality level of services offered to passengers conforming it to the international standards.

Particularly, CSTP was aware of a better transport service could be assured just through a better management of vehicles, routes and drivers.

CSTP was looking for a competence supplier for getting an integrated ITS System able to provide real-time information about routes, vehicles and passengers able to be used for empowering transport security and efficiency. At the same time, ITS technologies could reduce the environmental impact improving the quality life in the city.
The Solution
BrainOnBoard™, the advanced ITS solution proposed by Mediamobile Italia, has allowed CSTP to gain efficiency through a real-time tracking of each vehicle belonging to the fleet for producing elaborated forecasts about expected waiting times, arrivals and departures.

Moreover, BrainOnBoard™ has allowed the company to improve the onboard security through the implementation of the Automatic Security System module to ensure a rapid intervention by necessity.

Al least, the adoption the Video Broadcasting module by opening CSTP up to external advertising, has allowed the society to accept ads from companies vying for business from passengers.
  CSTP Case Study
Download the Case Study to know howMediamobile Italia has help CSTP Transport Company to improve the competitiveness, reduce costs and improve quality of service.
  X-FLEET™ Brochure
Download the X-FLEET™ Brochure, the end-to-end SAE Suite specifically designed for the Transport Companies to optimize the fleet management, reduce costs and improve quality of services offered to their customers.
  SAE Solution Brochure
Download the SAE Solution Brochure of Mediamobile Italia, scalable and multi-tiers is designed to distribute components and workload on several servers according to safety requirements and system performances to implement.