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Buspot Channel is the innovative Television of the Public Transport aimed at entertaining and informing people travelling to the destination about weather, news and commercial.

Reaching over 82.000 viewers per day, Buspot Channel is a 250-screen network actually broadcast on board buses of CTP and CSTP Companies that provide the Transport service, respectively, in the cities of Naples and Salerno .
The Need
With the double goal of improving the quality of their services and opening out to adv investors, CSTP (2001) and CTP (2003) have decided to install the Buspot Tv network onboard vehicles of their own float to approach with Digital Signage for the Transport venues.

Particularly, CSTP and CTP wanted to create a full-blown Transport-dedicated TV Channel network capable of reaching the thousands of passengers travelling to the destination providing them relevant information about service. At the same time, a Digital Network Television would allow the companies to get economic revenue from external ads.
The Solution
Based on the ADSO™ platform technology and fully integrated into BrainOnBoard SAE solution, Buspot has became a full-blown Transport Television currently broadcasting multimedia contents over 250 digital displays.

Content scheduling,, broadcasting and monitoring is centrally managed through a single easy to use User Interface that allows to exactly define when, where and what frequency by a certain message should be broadcast on one displays satisfying all segmentation needs.

The centralization of the media planning and scheduling, content management and network operations process has been critical to the success of the business model in being able to offer multiple-channel strategy that can be managed remotely, provide a high level of updateability and flexibility.
  BusSpot Case Study

Download the Buspot Case Study, the innovative Transport-Dedicated Television Channel, to get awareness of how Buspot has help companies to generate ads revenues and improve quality of service.
  ADSO™ Brochure

Download the ADSO™ brochure, the innovative Digital Signage Suite to easy manage, schedule and broadcast multimedia contents keep you in complete control of your network simply by a connected PC.
  Digital Signage Solution for Transport Company

Download the Digital Signage Solution Brochure for the Transport Companies, easy to expand and scale, to keep you in chance of expanding the network of signs accordingly to your needs.