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Into the Public Transport Environments, Airports are the early adopters of Digital Signage because at once they have understood they can greatly improve the travel process by using Digital Displays and Multimedia Kiosks.

The first and clearly visible application of Digital Signage Technologies at Airports concern to that commonly known as FIDS, Flyer Information Displays System. In the past, Departures and Arrivals Board were mechanics so , once a fly was delayed or cancelled, they had to be manually and individually changed by the airline employees .

Digital Displays at airports could be easily and frequently changed or updated by a remote position reducing employees workload since fewer people would ask them for information on fly arrivals, departures and arrivals. In fact, strategically placed LCD panels could direct passengers to the flight by the name of the destination not just pointing at the intended gate.

Moreover, the increasing security measures, specially due to the terroristic attacks, have made airports look like very crowned places and increase the time typically spent at the check points area. Once more, Digital Display, strategically placed, could speed up the check-in security processes simply showing and g people what they are allowed to hold with on flight. Multimedia kiosks could also automate the travel process for handle-baggage passengers allowing them to avoid the line.

Mediamobile Italia provides the Airports branch with end-to-end FIDS Application and Solution for Digital Displays and Multimedia Kiosks to speed up the travel process, easy update Departures and Arrivals Boards and provide travels wayfinding messages.

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