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The steady growth in car ownership and traffic levels in towns has led to an increasing congestion despite improvements in traffic management and other government measures. Options to increase road capacity are often not available and there is now evidence that increasing road capacity can generate additional traffic.

Therefore, today’s Transport Authorities are facing an outstanding challenge about achieving sustainability, worsening congestion, reducing pollution and emissions and growing customer needs.

To respond to this challenge, Transport Authorities are more and more getting stated with the Intelligent Transport Systems Technologies because they have understood they can’t go on just focusing on the addition of new roads and transit facilities but they have to improve efficiency through a better management of routes, drivers and vehicles.

Moreover, for most towns and cities Buses represent the key form of public transport, providing an essential transportation service but usually sharing road space with other traffic over significant parts of the network. This means buses can then suffer from the same delays as other traffic when congestion builds up.

ITS Technologies can help Buses moving fast and provide a customer-based services while reducing pollution and traffic congestion.
Mediamobile Italia provides the Transport Branch with comprehensive ITS and Digital Signage Solutions specifically designed for the Bus branch allowing real-time location monitoring of vehicle, Real-time passenger information for pre-trip planning and displays at bus-stops of the predicted arrival times of the next few buses, Bus priority and AVM functionalities for a better management.

Moreover, Mediamobile Italia ITS Solution integrate an end-to-end Digital Signage platform for easy create, manage and deliver to passengers multimedia messages while they are traveling to their destination. By opening it up to external advertising, Digital Signage network at the Bus branch could also generate economic revenue making the Transport Authorities accept ads from companies vying for business from travelers.

Others transportations 
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Case study
TRN – Transport Régionaux Neuchatelois is the Company Transport providing the Urban Traffic in the city of Neuchatel. TRN wanted to approach to the ITS technology in order to reduce costs and improve transport service efficiency.


BrainOnBoard™, the ITS solution proposed by Mediamobile Italia, has made TRN capable of reducing costs through a real-time tracking of vehicles and collecting relevant information about traffic and environment to be used for statistical purposes.
Products   Solutions
A multi-tiers, fully Customizable and Extensible Digital Signage suite, based on the latest technology, to dynamically create and easy deliver tailored multimedia contents to a targeted audience on a players network. Suitable both for Outdoor and Indoor applications, ADSO suite keeps you in complete control of your Digital Signage network anywhere you are, simply from an internet connected PC.
Come and discover Mediamobile Italia Digital Signage Solutions specifically designed for the Transport Branch including Ferry, Rail, Automotive and Airports to easy deliver tailored multimedia messages and improve the travel experience.
Fully integrated, easy to operate Intelligent Transport Suite (SAE) suite designed to improve efficiency, productivity and reduce costs of today’s transport companies through a better management of their available resources . x-Fleet keeps the transport companies in control of each unit of the fleet through a reliable real-time tracking of its positions, speed, direction, fuel and power consumption.
Come read how Mediamobile Intelligent Transport Systems Solutions could help the Transport Branch, including Ferry, Automotive and Rail, to achieve a better management of the fleet, costs saving and better quality of transport.