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The Dubai Metro is a driverless, fully automated metro network in the United Arabic Emirates city of Dubai. It is the first urban train network in the Arabian Peninsula. Its construction was strongly wished in order to solve the great traffic problems of the city. Actually, the Dubai Metro is the second longest because just Red Line is now operational while other lines are under construction. Once the 20 Km Green Line construction opens, the Dubai Metro will overtake the title of longest automated metro network from the Vancouver SkyTrain, surpassing it by 3 km. The Dubai Metro network has a very complex distributed topology of disperse sites (stations and trains). Stations vary each other in size configuration and complexity. The same train line includes small stations with one or two train platforms in a single small ticket hall, a waiting room and some commercial areas and bigger stations with up to four train platforms, in the same ground level or at different levels, with several entrances and big ticket hall areas and several waiting and commercial areas. There are more than one train line each served by tens of trains. Stations and trains are daily visited by thousands of passenger.
The Need
Dubai Metro was looking for a competence supplier for approaching to the Digital Signage in order to raise the professional profile and the brand image of the company. Particularly, Dubai Metro wanted to keep his own passenger entertained by providing them different kinds of multimedia contents (commercials, Passenger information..) both when they were into the stations and on board trains. A Digital Signage System would, also, generate a revenue in terms of advertising.
The Solution
ADSO, the solution proposed by Mediamobile Italia, has allowed the Dubai Metro to create, schedule and broadcast different types of multimedia contents on the on ground/on board players network filtering messages by a wide set of customized criteria and to generate detailed reports accordingly. In addition to, combining the functional and visual aspect, the Dubai Metro has enhanced his own company profile appearing more and more environment friendly. It has already achieved what it hoped for with this installation: passengers are entertained and constantly updated with targeted information while they are on board trains and into the stations.
  Dubai Metro Case Study
Download the Dubai Metro Case Study, to know how Mediamobile Italia Solution has made Dubai Metro able to keep passengers informed and entertained while they are travelling or waiting at the platform.
  ADSO™ Brochure
Download the ADSO™ brochure, the innovative Digital Signage Suite to easy manage, schedule and broadcast multimedia contents keep you in complete control of your network simply by a connected PC.
  Digital Signage Solution for Transport Company
Download the Digital Signage Solution Brochure for the Transport Companies, easy to expand and scale, to keep you in chance of expanding the network of signs accordingly to your needs.