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Competition is getting fierce among retail so they are seeking innovative way to attract new customers and increase average transaction size and frequency of visits among existing customers.

The changeable needs of retailers are prompting them to move away from traditional advertising because it doesn’t work as well as it does in the past: television and print are costly and not really suitable in communicating with target audiences. This have made retailers seeking new and innovative ways of reach their consumers to maximize the return on the investment. Retailers are so getting approach with Digital Signage because of the understating of its rewards especially at retail branch. Indeed there is a perception that the digital signage is the main vehicle for the retail sector. Another factor that motivates the increasing diffusion of digital signage in retail, must be sought in rapidly changing products and service to satisfy a growing demand fickle.

Considering the continuos changes of products, their re-design and functionality, is important for the sector have a flexible tool to communicate to the consumer promotions, special offers and the arrival of new products.

Retail digital signage offers a flexible way of communicating store promotion and offers. In the past in fact, when a new promotion is available or all products of that promotion sell out, the retailers have to physically remove or change the piece of advertising. This causes an expenditure of energy, time and money: if a new promotion is available, a Digital Signage adv can be changed or removed accordingly simply by mouse clicking.

Moreover, the Retailers can give to their clientele, with the digital signage, an added value, to make them coming back more wingly at point of sale and scoop the growing competition with the internet convenience. Creating a welcoming and modern environment could represent an effective way of making consumers spent more time at shop, increase isles shopped and improve impulse purchases.

Mediamobile Italia provide Retail branch with complete solution for Digital Signs network including LCD Panels, Screens and Multimedia Kiosks to for managing, creating, broadcasting relevant messages at the point if sales. Mediamobile Italia Digital Signage Solutions allows Retailers to remotely manage and up-date multimedia contents simply by a mouse-click.

ADSO™ is a comprehensive Digital Signage Suite that allows companies to increase sales, enhance corporate communication and improve the consumer experience. ADSO™ is easy to install, manage and use for delivery of high-quality live and off-line digital media contents in various formats to a variety of wireless and wired connected players and devices.
Retail DS Solution

Mediamobile Italia S.p.A. provides the Retail branch with end-to-end Digital Signage Solutions for Digital Signs network to easy create,manage,broadcast and monitor multimedia messages.
Specifically designed for the Retail Sector, it allows to scale the network of player to exactly meet your business needs.