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During this period of corporate change, the role of effective internal communications takes on greater significance representing the most important element that enables an organization to share its vision and incite its work force to action that move the organization forward.

With the Information technologies evolving so fast, organizations have understood digital signage could represent an effective tool to communicate with their own employees.

Specially for the big multinational company that organize various encounters, a Digital Signage network could help the people to know where a meeting is taking place, for how long it’s taking place and what the topics of conversation are on the agenda.

Moreover, digital displays could also be used to shown streaming videos feed of what is going on into the meeting. Regardless of organization dimensions, content scheduled can be changed or up-dated via application giving the content administrator unprecedented power to instantly change digital displays all over the world, at the click of a button.

Moreover, if used correctly, a Digital Signs network can reshape and redefine a company’s corporate culture representing an effective tool to keep employees well-motivated. Showing them what’s going on outside in terms of how the financial community and other people view the company from an investment perspective represent a good way to motivate them.

In fact, it’s important to show corporate goals, possibly departmental goals and even workgroup goals using a digital method: Digital Displays can also be used to shown the best employ of the month.

At least, Digital Signage network at Corporate could also represent a good support for training of the new-come employees: not necessarily doing the training, but by making the training more effective through repetitive display of that information and reinforcement.

Mediamobile Italia provides Companies with end-to-end Digital Signage Products and Solutions for making Organizations capable of centrally creating, managing and scheduling multimedia messages simply at a click of mouse.

ADSO™ is a comprehensive Digital Signage Suite that allows companies to increase sales, enhance corporate communication and improve the consumer experience. ADSO™ is easy to install, manage and use for delivery of high-quality live and off-line digital media contents in various formats to a variety of wireless and wired connected players and devices.
Corporate comunication Solutions

Mediamobile Italia S.p.A. provides the Retail branch with end-to-end Digital Signage Solutions for Digital Signs network to easy create,manage,broadcast and monitor multimedia messages.
Specifically designed for the Retail Sector, it allows to scale the network of player to exactly meet your business needs.