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Traffic congestion has been grown worldwide as a result of increased motorisation, urbanisation, population and economy growth, and changes in population density. Congestion has reduced the efficiency of transportation infrastructure and increases travel time, air pollution, and fuel consumption, which also lead to increased costs.

Therefore, conventional approaches such as the development of new infrastructure, will not give the necessary results. So that, today’s railways sector faces a great challenge including increasing competitiveness in terms of availability, comfort, punctuality and reliability. This means maintaining and improving environmental performances while enhancing infrastructure and improving value.

The rail transport has became a key form of the public transport specially into metropolitan areas: over road and air transport, railways deliver economic, social and particularly environmental benefits due to representing a sustainable form of public transport and reducing road congestion and number of accidents.

ITS technologies could help the Railways sector to provide a customer-based services and to maximize the capacity of the infrastructure by removing the need to build additional railways capacity.

Mediamobile Italia provides the Railways Sector with end-to-end ITS Solutions and Products that allow real-time location monitoring of vehicle, Real-time passenger information for pre-trip planning and displays at platform of the predicted arrival times of the next few trains and AVM functionalities for a better management.

Moreover, Mediamobile Italia ITS Solution integrate an end-to-end Digital Signage platform for easy create, manage and deliver to passengers multimedia messages while they are traveling to their destination or waiting for the newt train. By opening it up to external advertising, Digital Signage network at the Rail branch could also generate economic revenue making the Transport Authorities accept ads from companies vying for business from travelers.

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Case study
Dubai Metro
The Dubai Metro is a driveless, fully automated metro network in the United Arabic Emirates city of Dubai. Actually, it is the second longest because just Red Line is now operational while the other lines are under construction.


Dubai Metro was looking for a competence supplier for approaching to the Digital Signage: ADSO, the solution proposed by Mediamobile Italia S.p.A, has allowed Dubai Metro to raise the professional profile and the brand image of the company.
Products   Solutions
A multi-tiers, fully Customizable and Extensible Digital Signage suite, based on the latest technology, to dynamically create and easy deliver tailored multimedia contents to a targeted audience on a players network. Suitable both for Outdoor and Indoor applications, ADSO suite keeps you in complete control of your Digital Signage network anywhere you are, simply from an internet connected PC.
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Fully integrated, easy to operate Intelligent Transport Suite (SAE) suite designed to improve efficiency, productivity and reduce costs of today’s transport companies through a better management of their available resources . x-Fleet keeps the transport companies in control of each unit of the fleet through a reliable real-time tracking of its positions, speed, direction, fuel and power consumption.
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