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TRN – Transports règionaux neuchâtelois is the transport company providing the urban traffic into the Canton of Neuchâtel , in western Switzerland, which embraces the city of Neuchâtel, Le Locle, Boudry, Val-De-Ruz, La Chaux-De-Fonds e Val-De-Travers.

In november 2006, TRN launched a call for tenders for the design and implementation of an ITS system including E-ticketing, Video Broadcast and Security Systems relatively to the public transport of La Chaux-De-Fonds.
The Need
Particularly, TRN was looking for a competence supplier with an outstanding ITS experience capable of providing a tailored ITS system to improve services efficiency and quality through a better resources allocation in terms of routes, drivers and vehicles.

Moreover, the Canton of Neuchâtel was intended to make La Chaux-De-Fonds a testing ground for a Intelligent Transport System able to collect and offer relevant information to be used for statistical purposes.
The Solution
BrainOnBoard™, the HW/HS ITS platform of Mediamobile Italia, has allowed the public transport company to increase the onboard passengers security and ensure a better resources allocation through a real-time tracking vehicles’ position and status.

Moreover, thanks to its user-friendly GUI, BrainOnBoard™ has allowed TRN to collect data coming from vehicles and aggregate and process them for a statistical purposes and uses.
  TRN Case Study
Download the Case Study to know how Mediamobile Italia has help TRN to improve the competitiveness, reduce costs and get relevant information about routes, vehicles and drivers.
  X-FLEET™ Brochure
Download the X-FLEET™ Brochure, the end-to-end SAE Suite specifically designed for the Transport Companies to optimize the fleet management, reduce costs and improve quality of services offered to their customers.
  SAE Solution Brochure
Download the SAE Solution Brochure of Mediamobile Italia, scalable and multi-tiers is designed to distribute components and workload on several servers according to safety requirements and system performances to implement.