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x-Fleet™ is the comprehensive SAE Suite that allows the Transport Companies (goods and persons) all around the world to improve competiveness, increase the transport quality and to reduce costs through a better allocation of available resources.

Flexible and Scalable, x-Fleet™ is based on a robust structure made of peripheral sites and a control centre for the administration and configuration of remote equipment. X-Fleet™ has got a modular structure allows also to select modules that exactly meets your business needs.

Thanks to the user-friendly GUI, x-Fleet™ allows companies to centrally collect and aggregate relevant data coming from vehicles of the fleet making them useful for being used for statistical, diagnostic and maintenance purposes.

Installed at the control centre, x-Fleet™ provides the operator with the full range of functions for monitoring, planning and communication required for the management of a modern public transport network.

X-Fleet™ allows the transport companies to exactly know the real-time position of vehicles, get information about their operational status and provide a GSM/GPRS voice/data connection for the communication with the control centre.

Thanks to Infobus™, the intuitive User Interface, x-Fleet™ allow the Transport Company to improve quality of the transport service reducing delays, accidents and providing travelers with accurate information about expected waiting times, accidents and delays.

The Real-time tracking position of each vehicle keeps the company in complete control of the fleet allowing to reduce costs while ensuring a better management of the available resources in terms of fleet and drivers' performances.
Case Studies:
DP – Dopravní podnik města České Budějovice is the Transport Company providing the urban and extra-urban traffic in the city of České Budějovice the second biggest city in the Czech Republic .

In January 2009, DP launched a call for tenders for the design, development and installation of a Control Centre Suite capable of remote managing a wide network of at Stop Displays and processing complex travel forecasts.
Infobus™, the advanced Control Centre Suite proposed by Mediamobile Italia, has allowed DP to remote and centrally manage the 150 buses fleet and the 20 at Stop Displays installed in a perfect integration with the existing onboard System.
Case Studies:
TRN – Transport Régionaux Neuchatelois is the Company Transport providing the Urban Traffic in the city of Neuchatel.

TRN wanted to approach to the ITS technology in order to reduce costs and improve transport service efficiency.
BrainOnBoard™, the ITS solution proposed by Mediamobile Italia, has made TRN capable of reducing costs through a real-time tracking of vehicles and collecting relevant information about traffic and environment to be used for statistical purposes.
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